3 T Screw Kit for Aluminium Frames 1 bag

3 T Screw Kit for Aluminium Frames 1 bag
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714 3 T Screw Kit for Aluminium Frames 1 bag

The 3 T Screw system hangs a framed picture safely on the wall and locks it in place

Installation using a 3 T Screw kit:

First, the positions for three T Screws, one on each side of the back of the frame and one at the bottom, need to be marked on the wall. One way is to insert FrameSecure markers in the channel of the frame in all three positions. 

Proceed by measuring between the two marker points either side. Using Post-its as an aid, measure and mark where those T Screws should go on the wall. Double check then drill the two holes. Insert T Screws and mark the marker positions on the channels before removing them. With the bottom marker still in place, hang the frame on the wall and turn the T Screws with the spanner. Check for level and then press the frame at the bottom to leave a dimple in the wall. 

Release the frame from the wall, drill the third hole and insert the T Screw. Remove the bottom marker and you are ready to finally fix the frame to the wall. Sounds more complicated than it is. A bit of practice helps!

When an aluminium frame is hung this way, theft and accidental dislodging are much less likely. T Screws work with most Aluminium double-plate frame profiles.

Each kit contains:

T Screws 2006           x 3
Fat wall plugs 2212   x 3

714  3 T Screw kit for Aluminium frames  1 bag

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More info:

Click here to view PUB113, a four page leaflet showing the full T Screws range

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