Glamour 2 Liquid Veneer Gloss 1 litre

Glamour 2 Liquid Veneer Gloss 1 litre
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Volume: 1L

Finish: Gloss

8555 Glamour 2 Liquid Veneer Gloss 1 litre

Glamour™ 2 Liquid Veneers by Breathing Colour – Museum grade protective finishes for giclee prints on canvas

Glamour 2 liquid veneer coatings enhance and protect most prints on matte inkjet canvases. The rich colours of pigment and Ultrachrome inks on matte canvas are enhanced with increased resistance to image fading. The coating protects the ink film against damage by moisture and abrasion.

A clear water-based liquid coating which enhances the durability and increases the lifespan of printed images. Glamour 2 can be rollered onto or sprayed directly onto the surface.

• Water-based coating increases durability of images

• Odourless, non-yellowing, non-streaking and self-levelling

• Proves higher colour densities and greater colour gamut

• Excellent colour brilliance and image definition

• Concentrated formula, so can be diluted 30% - 50% with de-ionised or distilled water

• Resistant to water when dry, can be cleaned with a damp cloth

• Can be stretched a bit without cracking

* Lifespan claim based upon results of light stability analysis for Glamour 2 tested on Epson Museum Smooth Fine Art Paper in Atlas HPUV.
** Gloss level of the finished product will vary depending on surface texture of the media selected, application technique and amount of coating applied.
*** Shelf Life: 1 year at recommended storage temperature 22°C ± 3°C

8555  Glamour 2™ Gloss 1 litre

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Glamour 2 application:

Can be applied using a roller, by brush or by HVLP spray. Always prepare a super-clean working environment, as dust free as is practical. Working temperature 22°C ± 3°C, Relative humidity: 35 – 65%

Roller application:
Step 1: Pour coating in the centre of your print, a small puddle to suit the size of your image.

Step 2: Use a foam roller to push the puddle of coating across your entire print. Push in as many directions as possible to ensure the coating works through all the weaves in your canvas. Double check you haven’t missed any spots. Allow 2 - 3 minutes for the coating to settle.

Step 3: Once an even texture is reached and there are NO bubbles, set your print aside and allow 20 – 30 minutes to dry.

Any imperfections you see in your print will still be there when the print is dry.

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