T Screws with M5 Screw Thread for Steel Wall Anchors pack 20

T Screws with M5 Screw Thread for Steel Wall Anchors pack 20
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6711 T Screws with M5 Screw Thread for Steel Wall Anchors pack 20

Drywall/plasterboard walls are common in homes, offices, hotels and offices. Installers find that using the fat wood screw thread of a standard T Screw with a wall plug can be tricky

These unique T Screws have an M5 machine screw thread rather than the usual fat woodscrew thread. This allows installers to use them with standard M5 wall anchors to secure heavier frames and mirrors.

T Screws with M5 thread are designed to work with steel wall anchors having M5 threaded hole such as Mungo, Fischer etc. For bigger frames and mirrors, the unique SnapToggle drywall anchors can take loads up to 100kg through the M5 T screw and are quick and easy to fit. 

Fit Slotted Plates to the back of wood or polymer frames; two or three, as required. Mark the M5 T Screw positions and drill the holes in the wall, then install and set the anchors. Finally insert the M5 T Screws and lock and unlock with the T Screw Spanner.

6711  T Screws with M5 thread, 59mm long  pack 20

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The design and style of the T Screw with machine screw thread is © LION PFS Ltd 2008

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Click here to view PUB113, a four-page info leaflet covering our T Screws range

Click here to view PUB054, the SnapToggle instruction sheet

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Q: Hello, Are these available in larger quantities? Also with the matching metal anchor for drywall? Thank you.

A: Please see 6711B for a pack of 200.

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