Cold Mounting Film Twin Release 1040mm x 25m roll

Cold Mounting Film Twin Release 1040mm x 25m roll
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6979 Cold Mounting Film Twin Release 1040mm x 25m roll

Twin-release film by SeaLion is the easiest type of cold mounting film to use with a brayer roller, a manual roller laminator or a powered roller laminator

It is easily handled as cut pieces, with less risk of it picking up dust.

It is made up of: Release paper + 25µ adhesive + 50µ base clear film + 25µ adhesive + Release paper. 100µ thick, not including release papers.

Cut to size you require and apply one face to the mounting board, peeling the release paper as you lay it down on the board. Then peel up and fold back a narrow strip along one edge of the second backing paper. Carefully position the print.

Finally, peel up the release paper and smooth down the print as you go. Use a brayer roller to squeeze out air bubbles. A roller laminator speeds the task.

Ideal for mounting prints onto substrates including foam board, acrylic, aluminium composite, MDF and most clean, flat, grease free surfaces.

• Clear 50μ base film, coated on both sides with a UV and blanch resistant permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive

• Adhesive will build to maximum strength over 24-48 hours

• Release liners are 120gsm PE coated and silicone coated paper

6979  Cold Mounting Film Twin release  roll 1040mm x 25m

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