Stretcher Bar XP Contract Profile FSC 100%

Stretcher Bar XP Contract Profile FSC 100%
£3.48 Ex Vat per
3143 metres available More expected Thursday 14 Jul 22


Stretcher Bar XP Contract Profile FSC 100% L1947

Exceptional value for a 38mm deep stretcher, yet still carefully manufactured to our very high quality standards.

  • Exceptional value 38mm deep profile
  • Lengths usually 3 metres but may vary
  • Timber: Finger Jointed Pine


Varying Lengths: 3m approximately

Width: 35mm

Height: 38mm

Please order in metres, we will round up to the nearest full length. Lengths are usually 3m but can vary.

Stretcher Bar Profiles in Lengths

• Available in eight profiles giving a choice of style and price points
• Order on Chop Service or cut on your mitre guillotine / saw. Join using your underpinner
• Offers size flexibility and minimises the need to hold stock of multiple sizes of bar
• Corner joint is fixed so canvas cannot be re-tensioned over time

How to: Order Stretcher Profile on our Chop Service

• To order on Chop Service, add a ‘C’ prefix to the part number i.e. L1619 becomes CL1619
• Chop Service orders can be included in our standard minimum order value
• Chop Service measurement is to the outside dimensions of the frame with no cutting tolerance

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PUB005 Stretching Fine Art Canvases.pdf - 1.94 MB


PUB118 Wooden Stretcher Bars and Brace Bars.pdf - 1.15 MB



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