Keencut Ultimat Futura 1200 Mountcutter 48"

Keencut Ultimat Futura 1200 Mountcutter 48"
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Length: 48"


7573 Keencut Ultimat Futura 1200 Mountcutter 48"

Keencut Ultimat Futura mountcutters take manual mount cutting to a new level of ultra-high accuracy, with fast operation on mountboard of every type and thickness.

The cutting head glides on unique built-in self-aligning ball bearing rollers to deliver a smooth cutting action that is precise and produces no discernible friction under load. Even the thickest mountboard can be cut as maximum operator effort transmits through to the blade.

Interchangeable magnetic blade holders make changing blades for different cuts simple and fast. The ergonomically designed cutting head is comfortable for both left and right handed operators.

Precision Cutting Head

This is no discernible friction so gives easy cutting of mountboard up to 3.5mm and foamboard up to 5mm. It has been ergonomically designed for long periods of operation by both left- and right-handed users.

- The bevel cut takes any of the Keencut Tech rectangular blades. The straight cut takes the Keencut 080 utility-shape blade. The blade holders are magnetic and users can easily swap to other holders with different blade depth settings to cut different materials and thicknesses in seconds.

- Keencut Futura cuts bevels at 52.5°

- Each Keencut Futura comes complete with a starter pack of blades. It contains Tech D .012, 30 blades, Tech S .012 and Tech S .015, 15 of each. Plus 080 for straight cut, 20 blades

Cutting Head has Super Smooth Ball Bearings

Rolls on triple self-aligning ball bearing rollers gliding on twin steel tracks.

Unique ‘Micro-Stop’ Over/Under Cut Adjusters

On the ‘Start of cut’, ‘End of cut’ and ‘Margin guide’ stops users can dial out overcuts or undercuts.

Overcut, turn thumbscrew towards minus  ()
Undercut, turn thumbscrew towards plus (+)

Sliding Start-of-Cut Finger

Simply depress the sprung finger to make contact with the board edge and precisely control the distance from the edge of the mat to the blade tip. When cutting mats large or small, square or rectangular, the stop does not need to be reset.

Base Clip-off System

Removable mount back guide, squaring arm and board support (optional) for compact storage when not in use.

7573  Keencut Ultimat Futura 1000 Mountcutter 48”  # UF120

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Keencut Blades for Futura:

Tech D blades are ground on both faces. Tech S blades are ground just on one face. Click on one for more info. 

For Bevel cut: Tech D 2493 and 3008, Tech S 3845 and 6162

For Vertical cut: ‘080’ D 1078

More info:

Ultimat Futura Instruction Leaflet

PUB068 Go to More Info for Keencut Ultimat Futura info leaflet

Product information updated April 2020



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