SeaLion S4 Silicone Release Paper 100gsm 1240mm x 25m roll

SeaLion S4 Silicone Release Paper 100gsm 1240mm x 25m roll
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9629 SeaLion S4 Silicone Release Paper 100gsm 1240mm x 25m roll

Silicone Release Paper (SRP) is widely used in heated vacuum presses to assist with mounting and laminating. This 100gsm single sided material is of the very highest spec and is very durable. The price is so favourable that we only offer it in one width – simply slit it to the exact sizes you require. Store cut pieces carefully to avoid creasing.

100gsm 1240mm x 25m roll.

Primarily used in production of laminating images using a vacuum press but has other applications.

Our new SeaLion SRP has a very interesting back story...

Carbon fibre cloth is now very widely used to build the airframes of planes. This amazing material is laid onto aero-grade 100gsm silicone release paper during manufacture. As soon as the air-frame builders peel the carbon fibre away, the SRP becomes redundant.

An enterprising Welshman worked out how to collect what is otherwise a difficult product to dispose of. His award-winning company built a plant which cleans and irons it out to make it indistinguishable from new.

Lion arranged to get some converted into 1240 x 25m rolls and now offer customers a superb high-spec product at a great price. Helping reduce environmental waste at the same time.

Product introduced Dec 2017.



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Q: Hi Lion Pic What exactly is Sealion Silicon Release Paper? Could it be used for backing frames or storage of art Is it like a film for covering cardboard or what Thanks Paula

A: The Silicone release paper is used in production of laminating image using a vacuum press mainly. Not really suitable to use for storage or backing the frames really as it is activated with heat process in the vacuum press.

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