Drymec CT3 Compressor Condensate Oil Water Separator

Drymec CT3 Compressor Condensate Oil Water Separator
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10353 Drymec CT3 Compressor Condensate Oil/Water Separator

Most compressor users currently dispose of the oil/water mixture that is drained out regularly wherever they can but often down the drain.

The traces of oil in the water both foul the drain system and can break the law. A new solution is this low cost and simple device to sperate the oil from the water.

About the size of a small suitcase, the Drymec CT3 sits next to the compressor and is connected by a tube between the drain tap and the inlet. No power supply is needed. Inside there are two chambers each with a different special filter bag and the whole thing is filled with water. Visual indicators show when the filters need changing or the clean water in the unit needs draining out into a disposal container. 

When treated, less than 10ppm of oil residues remain in the clear water, which allows it to be safely be poured down any drain. A visual testing cup is included. It’s oil adsorption is 3 lts, which for a typical framing workshop might mean new filter bags annually. 

The CT3 is a very substantial and tough plastic moulding. Size is 465mm x 250mm, 397mm tall. When filled hallway with water and in operation it is quite heavy!

10353  Drymec CT3 Compressor Condensate Oil/Water Separator

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Product introduced February 2021 




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