Morso F De-Luxe Mitre Guillotine Metric

Morso F De-Luxe Mitre Guillotine Metric
£2,880.00 Ex Vat
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1406 Morso F De-Luxe Mitre Guillotine Metric

Morso F foot-operated guillotine cuts double 45° mitres, in wood and polymer mouldings for quality bespoke framing.

• Cuts with two very sharp blades which leave the mitre cut faces perfectly smooth and accurate, requiring no further preparation before joining.

• Twin return springs automatically return the blades to starting position.

• Blades are moved in and out with a hand-operated ratchet mechanism. This allows the blades to bite through the moulding in small steps. A final shaving cut ensures perfect joins.

• Offcuts slide down chute at rear for collection.

• Cutting stop and measuring scale system makes it easy to set the length while allowing for the width of the moulding. This speeds accurate repeat working.

• Does not require air or electrical supply.

• Left-hand moulding support is an optional extra, 1007

• Creates no noise or dust.

• Centre cut wastage is minimal - app 1mm.

• Micro-adjustable rebate supports prevent the rebate lip from cracking when the blades slice through the moulding.

• Supplied with acrylic finger guards and a box guard to give good safety protection.

• Design is the result of continuous refinement over 50 years of production by Dan-List a/s in Denmark.

• We stock many spare parts.

Technical Data:

Max moulding width: 100mm
Max moulding height: 160mm
Table height: 830mm
Max rebate height: 38mm
Overall width: 2150mm
Working space required: Approx 4m
Delivered weight inc packing case: 100kg

Morso F De-Luxe has a 1525mm printed scale.

Taking Delivery of your Morso:

A boxed Morso F weighs 100kg so you’ll need to make some plans for how you’ll take delivery of it. Delivery is to kerbside only unless otherwise agreed in advance.

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