FlexiMaster Flexipoint Driver by Fletcher

FlexiMaster Flexipoint Driver by Fletcher
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2532 FlexiMaster Flexipoint Driver by Fletcher

The green FlexiMaster drives Fletcher FlexiMaster flexipoints into mouding, almost flat to the backing board. They can easily be bent up to allow the frame back to be removed and replaced. This makes it easy to change the picture.

Fletcher FlexiMaster Flexipoints are 15mm long, 0.41mm thick.

  • Easy-to-load magazine takes 170 FlexiMaster flexipoints
  • Firing spring adjustable to suit wood density
  • Lightweight and full-grip trigger provides comfortable firing
  • 6 month Warranty

Fletcher FlexiMaster only fires FlexiMaster flexis.

2532  Fletcher FlexiMaster flexipoint driving tool.  Fletcher ref #07 700

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More info:

PUB096  Go to More Info to view the Fletcher Points & Drivers Info sheet

Product information updated April 2020


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