T Screws for safe and secure frame fixing Pack 200

T Screws for safe and secure frame fixing Pack 200
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2006 T Screws for safe and secure frame fixing Pack 200

T Screws are a well proven way to fix wood, PS and aluminium picture and mirror frames to walls, safely and securely.

For wood and PS frames the T-screw is turned with the spanner to lock into slotted plates screwed to the frame. For aluminium frames, the head of the screw turns to lock into the slot.

T-Screws are 38mm long, 6mm dia, The head is 3.6mm wide, 13.7mm long.

For wood and PS frames, you will need Slotted Plates. For most aluminium frames, the T-head turns and locks direct into the channel.

For a good fixing into most wall materials use the special fat moulded plug. They are cream in colour to blend with many wall finishes when viewed from the side, Use a 10mm drill.

2006  T-Screws, steel, zinc plated. Pack 200

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2212   Moulded fat plugs specially for T-screws, 45mm long, 10mm dia  Pack 200

889    T-screw spanner. Slips behind frame to turn T-screws to lock and un-lock

2008  Slotted plates. Screw to wood and PS mouldings to engage with T-Screws.  Pack 200

3620  T Screw Slotted Driver Adaptor, for electric screwdrivers. AMS #555-2-11-A

2835  Framesecure Anti-theft kit. Kit has a plastic wall marker for use with aluminium frames. Great for T-screws

2954  SpringLOCK, Another safe and secure way to hang wood and PS frames

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