Brayer Roller rubber 200mm

Brayer Roller rubber 200mm
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Width: 200mm


3144 Brayer Roller rubber 200mm / 8"

Used to apply gentle, even, pressure when bonding paper to board with adhesive. Works with pre-coated self-adhesive board, spray adhesives and liquid adhesives.

Comfortable moulded handle, with built-in stand to keep roller parked upside-down away from surface. Black synthetic rubber roller in steel chassis with self-lubricating nylon bearings.

If you don’t have access to a roller laminator when using self-adhesive boards, a Brayer Roller can help. Always roller along and across the board. It works best on thinner papers and should only be used on low-value work.

3144  Brayer roller, rubber  200mm / 8”

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