Styrene 1.10mm 762mm x 508mm 20 sheets

Styrene 1.10mm 762mm x 508mm 20 sheets
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3652E Styrene 1.10mm 762mm x 508mm 20 sheets

Shatter-resistant styrene sheets

Clear styrene protected on both sides with a peel-off polythene film. Styrene is the popular name for vinyl benzene.

UV stabilizer in the styrene absorbs many of the damaging UV wavelengths in natural and artificial light. In absorbing the UV, the panels themselves may eventually discolour. This styrene is not optical grade.

To size styrene - score it heavily, using a knife, a scoring tool or a wall cutter. Place it with the scored line up, just over the edge of the workbench and apply pressure - it will break with a bang.

Styrene is a great alternative to glass as it doesn't shatter during transit. It is also much lighter than glass making it easier to handle and transport the frame.

Working with plastic sheeting requires some care - the build up of static charge can attract dust, which becomes tiresome. Consider trying STATIC WISK products.

3652E  762mm x 508mm / 30" x 20", 20 sheets.

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