Slide In Track Fixing Locking

Slide In Track Fixing Locking
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5107 Slide-In Track Fixing Locking

Slide-in fixings for aluminium track

Cable fixings are secured to slide-in track fitting with screws supplied.

5108 is sized to slide, 5107 clamps into track. Work with Tension Cable Kit.

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Cable Display Systems

Cable display systems use steel cables held in tension between ceiling and floor. Typically, acrylic poster holders are secured between pairs of cables and a printed poster slipped in. The most common application is in estate agents windows.

However, they can be used in all sorts of showroom and display situations. In a gallery window, display of promotional posters can be mixed with display of mounted and framed artwork. The display can be double sided, facing both out to passers-by in the street and inside to customers browsing.

A typical starter order would be two Cable Kits A, plus three A4 Acrylic Poster Holders, portrait, and twelve 2mm Single Clamps. This allows you to create a single column to display three A4 posters on each side. Or order a kit.

To display mounted or framed art, add additional cable kits and your choice of hooks.



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