T Screw & Top Hook Kit for Wood Frames 1 bag

T Screw & Top Hook Kit for Wood Frames 1 bag
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3150 T Screw + Top Hook kit for Wood frames 1 bag

A popular way to hang wood or polymer frames and secure with a T Screw. Two Slotted Plates are screwed to the top edge and a third one at the centre of the bottom edge. The two Top Hook plates are screwed to the wall in matching positions. Post-its can help when marking the wall. The Slotted Plates let the frame hang on the Top Hook plates

To secure the frame, mark the wall position of the bottom T Screw and insert it. To speed that, the T Screw Companion clips into the bottom slotted plate and a press on the frame leaves a dimple on the wall.

T Screws are turned to lock and unlock with a T Screw spanner. This slips behind the frame and onto the flats of the T Screw. 

The Top Hook and T Screw system is completely hidden yet makes the frame safe and secure on the wall. No ugly picture plates sticking out from either side.

Bag contains:

Top Hook plates 2510   x 2
Slotted plates 2008       x 3
Small screws                  x 6
T Screw 2006 & plug     x 1

3150  Top Hook + T Screw kit for Wood frames  1 bag 

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