SeaLion H8 Pro DMT Dry Mount Tissue 1028mm x 45.7m roll

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Dry mount tissue 89µ

PRO DMT is a heat activated mounting tissue. The tissue base is breathable and generally heat reversible. The adhesive polymer is applied using a high viscosity hot melt coating process. No solvents are used.

PRO DMT should be used at no more than 84°C and kept under pressure for no more than 3 mins with porous surfaces or 4 mins for non-porous surfaces. If the adhesive gets too hot for too long, some can penetrate away from the faces.

Ideal for bonding mountboard, prints, white liner board, foam board, etc. Some find it satisfactory with MDF, so remove any dust & test.

PRO DMT - Activation: Photos and coated papers, bond paper and coated litho prints: 78°C, 1.5 - 3 min, approx. Thin papers and other fibrous materials: 82°C, 45 sec, approx. Always test first. Made in USA.

1028mm x 45.7m roll

£1.60 / m² app.

SeaLion Cold & Hot Mounting and Laminating Films

SeaLion materials match carefully formulated adhesives with the finest quality films. Most are made in the UK in a specialised coating plant which operates to the very highest standards of quality and efficiency. The facility meets all modern environmental standards and is approved for food grade production.

The SeaLion range covers a wide variety of cold and hot mounting and laminating films. Featured in the hot range is Superbond dry mount tissue, with a unique adhesive formulation which many users find out-performs most other such tissues.

The SeaLion optically clear mounting film has recently been further improved to give it absolute clarity.

Please ask for a sample swatch of SeaLion materials, 9207. Packets of sample pieces are also available. For most materials, you can purchase 5m trial rolls.

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