Odems Adjuster Brass pack of 100

Odems Adjuster Brass pack of 100
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Odems Adjuster Brass pack of 100

Fitting wire or cord to a frame is a tiresome and time consuming task, which can also be full of uncertainty for you - the framer. Is it strong enough? Will it stretch? Have I set the hanging height correctly? Can the hanging height be adjusted? Will my twisting or knots come loose?

ODEMS System© is the only quick, secure and adjustable way to wire a picture. ODEMS Looped Wires come with loops already pressure crimped at each end - and they just won't come undone. The are made from high quality multi-strand steel wire, strength tested by Scientifics Ltd in Birmingham UK.

To install Odems System©, fix one end to one side of the frame with a Single or a Double clamp through the loop, and use another clamp as a guide at the other side. The end is secured with an Odems Adjuster or a third clamp.

Odems System© is available either in single frame bags, with everything needed for one frame, or in packs of wires, clamps and adjusters. Everything is available in silver or brass finishes.

Odems Adjuster:

Unique design hooks and locks into the loop on the wire. Long slot allows you to slide it up and down to get exactly the wire tension and length you want. Secure with a second screw. Brass plated. 75mm / 3" long.


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